Sending Impressions: PVS or Digital

Sending impressions to us is easy. At iDental Lab, we accept most types of impressions, such as alginate impressions, digital impressions, and polyvinyl siloxane impressions, also known as PVS impressions. Implant restoration cases must be full-arch impressions and a full-arch opposing model must be included. We would also need a study model for cases involving anterior restorations.

iTero Align Models

Polyvinyl Siloxane Impressions (PVS)

Before you take polyvinyl siloxane impressions (PVS), be sure to wipe out any blood or liquid, be sure it is free of void, and that all margins are captured and clearly visible all around. You may send open tray impressions or closed tray impressions for all implant restorations. Until the technology advances more, we prefer PVS instead of digital impressions for all removable restorations, such as dentures or partials, flexible or cast.

We strongly recommend setting a little longer in the patient’s mouth, at least 2 minutes or longer than recommended by the manufacturer.
Sending Impressions PVS Image

Prefer an open tray when sending impressions.

Please be sure to include impressions coping and laboratory analog or laboratory replica analog and abutment. In addition, we need every detail about the implant fixtures, including size, implant platform, maker or name of the manufacturer, as well as model, type, and brand name. Be sure to specify screw-retained or cement-retained restorations. We recommend screw retained for low emergence profile and posterior restorations. However, for anterior implant restorations, we recommend cement retained with customized zirconia abutment, anodized gold titanium abutment, or titanium abutment.

Sending Impressions 3Shape Trios Scanner
Sending Impressions iTero Scanner
Sending Impressions Cerec Scanner

Sending Impressions Digitally

iDental Lab is a modern cosmetic and implant digital laboratory that can accept digital files from most, if not all, intraoral scanners in the world:

  • CEREC Connect
  • VivaScan Connect
  • Medit Connect
  • 3Shape TRIOS Ready
  • Align iTero Partner Lab
  • 3M True Definition Margin Marking
  • Straumnan Connect
  • STL Formatted

If you are also a modern dentistry or dental clinic with high technology with an intraoral digital scanner, please contact us on how to connect with us.

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Servicing Worldwide with a Free Shipping Program

Also, please contact us with any further questions you may have and ask us about our free shipping program. We will ship to any location in the world. Be sure to request shipping labels from us as well! When shipping plaster models or stone models to us, such as opposing models or study models, be sure to wrap them with bubbles or other protections to avoid damage during transits. You do not need to wrap (PVS) polyvinyl siloxane impressions, but make sure they are not pressed against each other to avoid distortion during transit.

How to Request a Shipping Label for Sending Impressions

Even though we are located in the San Francisco, CA, bay, shipping cases to us should not be more difficult than shipping across town. We will provide and assist you in every possible way to make the process easier. We will designate a customer service representative to your office to handle all your needs. In addition, our courier may provide you with the shipping supplies so that you will not need to prepare anything.

Please print out the lab slip form from our website.

You can download it to your computer so you can print and use it repeatedly. When you are ready to send cases to us, contact us to request a shipping label. Since it can involve crossing international borders, we will include commercial invoices with shipping labels. All you have to do is print all pages in “actual size” and insert them into a pouch provided by our shipping courier. (Please do not print the label as “fit to page,” as it will blow up to a full page. Please select “actual size” from your printer.)

Reliable, Dependable, and Responsible Courier

We use the best and most reliable courier in the world because we understand the value of your cases. Our ultimate goal is to send your cases back to you undamaged. Therefore, we use the safest and fastest method instead of the most economical one. Typically, your cases will arrive at our location within two days from anywhere around the world or almost at the same time as they would arrive at your local implant dental laboratory across the state.

Our Customer Services

Since we immediately start the process under the same roof, we only need 10 days in the laboratory to complete implant dental restorations. This is much faster than most other implant dental laboratories that need to send the cases out to other vendors to mill custom implant abutments. Please contact us today to get started. Please fill out our contact form on our website. We are open when you are open. You can contact us through the website contact form, email, or iMessage texting 24/7.