Implant Dental Laboratory

Digital Implant Dental Laboratory

Do you need a precision attachment and implant dental laboratory? iDental Lab implant dental laboratory is the answer.

If you have a digital scanner, we welcome digital impressions from:

  • 3Shape Trios
  • Align Cadent iTero
  • Sirona Cerec inLab
  • STL Files (Cares, Carestream)

iDental Lab works with any implant fixtures such as Straumann, Zimmer, 3i, Neoss, Encode Healing Abutments, BioHorizons, Biomet, Nobel Biocare, Camlog, Ankylos, Keystone, and more.

As an implant dental laboratory, we have over 30 years of combined experience working with various implant systems.

iDental Lab implant dental laboratory can fabricate all types of implant and precision attachments. However, you have to provide us the information about the brand such as Straumann, type and size and platform of the implant fixture. If you are not sending a digital intraoral impression, please be sure to include implant impression coping and analog with all implant cases. Either screw-retained type or cement-retained type, with or without precision attachment, iDental Lab Implant Dental Lab serves as your one-stop resource for your implant restorations.

Here are some suggested combinations:

  • Full zirconia screw-retained crown implant dental laboratory
  • Titanium customized abutment with semi-precious alloy ceramic implant restoration
  • Zirconia customized abutment with full (monolithic) zirconia implant restoration
  • Zirconia customized abutment with e.max porcelain layered cement-retained crown
  • CAD/CAM zirconia customized abutment with zirconia layered cement-retained crown

iDental Lab Implant Dental Laboratory is one-stop dental laboratory for all your implant restorations. Either closed or open tray implant conventional impressions, call iDental Lab on your next implant and precision attachment restorations. 

We ship everywhere including, U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

idental Lab cosmetic dental laboratory image

iDental Lab Implant Dental Laboratory

iDental Lab is one of the top digital implant dental laboratories servicing selected implant dentists around the country. Here at iDental Lab, we emphasise quality and consistency to process our products according to your instructions. We are a motivated group of highly talented and experienced ceramists, enjoying working with conventional and digital technology. As a matter of fact, we have the ability to accept digital impressions from all over the world. Our products include:

  • Titanium and zirconia customised abutments
  • Cosmetic porcelain veneers
  • Model-free CAD-CAM monolithic e.max crown
  • Modeless CAD-CAM zirconia crowns

As a digital implant dental laboratory, we can even print affordable 3D models in-house to speed up the process; however, we guarantee the perfect fit to iTero milled models ordered from Align Technology or die models from your traditional impressions.

Our sophisticated computer designed, milled, and sintered zirconia crowns and bridges are the strongest, comfortable, and has no allergic reactions to most patients. You can order monolithic full zirconia for heavy grinder or bruxers. However, the most esthetics zirconia layered (stacked, build up) with zirconia porcelain or emax powder is a better choice for cosmetic and full mouth reconstruction cases.

Implant Dental Laboratory

iDental Lab is the perfect place for dental restoration for your practice in the United States, Australia, or New Zealand. We are not different than your local laboratory: similar turnaround time, price, and probably better quality. A small group of skilled technicians owns iDental Lab. You can count on us to fabricate your restorations with excellent craftsmanship and precision. Either digital or non-digital, you pay no shipping. Furthermore, you will get full contoured zirconia crowns within three days if you send digital impressions. We are:

  • Certified 3Shape Trios Ready dental laboratory
  • Align Cadent iTero Partner
  • Sirona CEREC inLab Connect
  • 3M True Definition Margin Marking dental laboratory

The materials and techniques used in the fabrication of restoration products are of superior quality. iDental Lab is always ready to answer your call and deal one-on-one with our clients. Every client is special to us. 

Singular Focus Here at iDental Lab

We want to give you the best possible implant dental care you can find in the world. We want to be the premier digital implant dental laboratory in New Zealand or any other part of the world and to put our patients first with every single job we do.

iDental Lab stands behind our name and every job that we take on. When you come to us, you get precision, consistency, accuracy, and dependability. You also get free delivery to our regular clients in Auckland New Zealand, and all over the world. You connect with world-class technicians who take you on as a full-time client and get to know your case and your needs like no one else can. 

Part of our ability to give you such incredible results comes from our focus.

How to Contact iDental Lab, An Implant Dental Laboratory

Contacting us is simple. The quickest way to get in touch with us is our online contact form, but you can also use email, Skype, Viber, telephone, or iMessage. We don’t want anything to hold you back. Just pick the simplest method for you and get in touch with us today!