Turnaround Time

To us, turnaround time is everything. As such, missing a deadline is not an option! However, cutting corners and rushing to fabricate your priceless cases is not our principle. You trust us to produce the best restoration, and we are committed to keeping it that way! Therefore, we ask for a couple of weeks to construct accurately and precisely to minimize chairside time delivery. We need 3-5 days in the lab for single-unit digital files.

One Senior Technician For Your Case

We are not a mass-production dental laboratory with thousands of technicians to pool your routine daily cases. In fact, the advantage is that we assign one of our senior technicians to your case. As such, if your assigned technician does not impress you, you can request a different technician until you find your preferred one. Moving forward, we will assign all your future cases to a technician of your choice. In other words, we are like a small dental laboratory that provides services dedicated to your clinic. Actually, it is the only way we can keep the consistency and accuracy of our work for many years. However, the downside is that it complicates scheduling, especially if your technician is overloaded at that time or working on a 28-unit full-mouth reconstruction case. For this reason, it helps us if you allow an extra few more days in the lab to balance the scheduling.

Why do we need a couple of weeks of turnaround time?

We are very selective when hiring our dental laboratory technicians. For instance, we choose the most qualified and experienced from nationwide. Also, we take good care of them so they work for us for a long time. As a result, we have the lowest turnover rate. Please be considerate, especially during the holiday season. If possible, please avoid the last-minute end-of-the-year-rush cosmetic or full mouth reconstruction so that our technicians can also enjoy time off with their families.

In addition, we need 15 business days in the laboratory for complicated implants or multiple cosmetic restorations, excluding shipping days, weekends, and holidays. In order to prevent unnecessary delays, please include all information such as shade, material selections, and other preferences such as reducing abutment or opposing in case of lack of occlusal clearances, interproximal, and occlusal contacts. Please allow an extra 2-3 days if you send PVS impressions or prefer to have your 3D models milled by a contractor such as Align iTero.

Important Note

Please note that we will place “on hold at the lab” for cases that are missing information (e.g., shade, photos, study models, material selections); missing components (e.g., implant analog, screw, implant details, opposing, partial or denture, study models); unclear or lack of instructions; or distorted, unclear, poor impressions. If possible, we will attempt to contact you to inform you of the missing information and/or components. However, it is not our responsibility if they are missing or unable to work due to the missing parts and information. Therefore, please double-check before you send your cases to us. In addition, please provide us with a good working phone number and email address to contact you. The “turnaround time” clock doesn’t start until we have all the necessary information and parts to restore your cases properly. Finally, please don’t forget to reschedule your patient’s appointment.