If you are a meticulous, detail-oriented, patient-minded dentist, that’s the reason why us. iDental Lab is the name you can trust when it comes to dental restorations, as we only utilize US FDA-approved, genuine materials and parts. In addition, we promise that our products are free of defects in materials and craftsmanship. Furthermore, every case is unique to each patient and tailored to fit each patient.

We are here to support your clinic as a technical expert in the subject-matter expert (SME) of dental materials, restoration types, implant technical experts, and designing and planning full-mouth reconstructions. As such, we will be the behind-the-scene for your practice. As a matter of fact, having someone to discuss with will give you the additional strength and confidence you need as a dental professional.

Why Us Custom Implant Image

We attend one smile at a time!

cosmetic porcelain veneers

At The Art of Aesthetics, we understand that each smile is unique. What works for one patient may not work for other patients. Therefore, no solutions or instructions apply to all situations. Every restoration will be on a case-by-case basis, constructed tediously and crafted by a highly talented ceramist. That’s why it’s us!

However, we need your cooperation. For every smile, we need detailed information about your patient’s condition, specification, characterization, requirement, style, and other things that may help us understand your unique patients. For example, your patient’s condition, preparation, impressions, impression materials, bite conditions, and gum health will work differently for each patient. Consequently, we guarantee that our restoration will fit perfectly on the models.

You and your patient select the most suitable materials.

Our technical support team is available to give you our recommendation based on your given situation of your patient’s conditions. Still, you will be the ultimate person responsible for the final decision on the material selections and the design of the restorations.

Contact us if you would like to discuss materials selection or if you need any technical information on dental material. Also, let us know if you saw material you were impressed with from a trade show, seminar, or conference. Similarly, we will do diligent research and let you know.

The more reason why us. We will be there when you need technical assistance. We are not just a dental lab but your go-to technical expertise.

Our Most Popular Product: CAD-CAM Monolithic Zirconia Crown (equivalent to BruxZir)

The CAD zirconia crown is our choice for the posterior to replace full-cast crowns. However, if you select full (monolithic) zirconia crowns for anterior restorations, you will not have incisor translucency but a monochromatic characteristic. Therefore, we recommend choosing layered zirconia for anterior restorations unless the patient has bruxism or a heavy grinder. In addition, please consider zirconia layered instead of IPS e.max (emax crowns) for three units or more bridgework unless they are anterior restorations and regular bite.

Suitability of cosmetic porcelain veneers.

Please note that we promise that our cosmetic porcelain veneers will fit perfectly on the models, but we can’t promise the longevity and suitability of veneers. We have seen some veneers that last for decades or just a few days. Please send us the study model and detailed measurements for all cosmetic cases; we will attempt to duplicate them as closely as possible. However, we cannot promise that they will match perfectly.